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2 New IGT Video Poker Games

February 1, 2008

New IGT Video Poker GamesIGT is the abbreviated name for International Game Technology. They're the biggest producer of gambling machine games in the world. The company is important to video poker players because they produce the vast majority of video poker games found in almost any casino. IGT was founded by Si Redd, a member of the Video Poker Hall of Fame, and the man who developed and patented video poker in the first place.

Six Coin Video Poker - Buy a Pay Video Poker

IGT's solution to the perceived need for innovation in the video poker industry has been to add new "six coin video poker" games. "Buy a pay" features on slot machines are common enough, but video poker has been a five coin game since what seems like the dawn of time. IGT is launching a whole series of new IGT video poker games.

"Buy-a-pay" means that a slot machine (and now a video poker machine) offers additional winning combinations when you bet additional coins. The "buy-a-pay" function has been popular on modern slot machines for years, but is only now being applied to video poker machines. Some players get confused about buy-a-pays, but the rule of thumb is usually to just go ahead and play enough coins to activate the feature. This way you give yourself every opportunity to win.

Ultimate 4 of a Kind Bonus Poker

One of these new IGT video poker games is "Ultimate 4 of a Kind Bonus Poker". The sixth coin activates a bonus game any time a player gets 4 of a kind. During the bonus game, the computer deals 53 playing cards (including a joker). If the player had a 4 of kind ranking between 5 and king, then she gets to choose two of these cards. Deuces, threes, or fours entitle the player to three cards, and aces entitle the player to four cards. The bonus cards are worth the following:

  • Any five through king is worth 200 credits.
  • Deuces, threes, and fours are worth 300 credits.
  • Aces are worth 400 credits.
  • The joker is worth 3996 credits.

After you've picked your cards and know what your bonus payout is, the bonus round ends. Looks like a fun new game.

Ultimate X Poker - Ultimate Times Poker

The "X" in "Ultimate X Poker" is the multiplication symbol. The game is a multi-hand video poker game with a bonus multiplier on each hand which is determined by the results of the last hand. The sixth coin activates this bonus feature. For example, you might play five hands, and get three different winning combinations. Suppose you got a full house on one of the hands. That hand, on the next round, gets a multiplier of 12X added to your winnings. On a hand with a pair of queens, the corresponding hand on the next round would get a double winning payout.

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